Since I started my career, by accident, in Market Research, I wanted to do things better. That desire to improve the research experience, (because, let’s be honest, surveys could be better) as a means to help participants, agencies and clients, is what kick-started my career in Gamification.
The passion to do things better lead to my invention of ResearchGames(TM) through gamifying the survey experience, launching Research Through Gaming, and writing my book ‘Games and Gamification in Market Research’ (Kogan Page), which has been published in 3 languages and an audiobook.

Since 2011, I’ve given countless interviews, spoken at conferences, shared my work in writing, and through my workshops, and consultation services.

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Gamification Workshop Masterclasses

My Gamification Workshop Masterclasses have been running for 12+ years, to fantastic delegate and organiser feedback.
I’m delighted to have worked with the Museum of Brands, dozens of universities, Fortune 500 companies, as well as NGO”s and charities to bring the concept of Gamification to life, and more importantly, in a way that fosters practical application.

My workshops mix education with examples and case-studies with learning-by-doing, fun and creativity. 
Gamification is being used in every industry on the planet, so I’ve created six workshops in the series to help you understand how gamification is being used in your sector.
Workshops can be delivered on-site and online.
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Gamification in
Advertising and Marketing

Gamification in 
Market Research and Insight

Gamification in 
Sustainability and Environment

Gamification in 
Training and Education

Gamification in 
Employee Engagement

Gamification in 
Health and

 These workshops are also often hired as university guest lectures to students. If you’re a university, please get in touch.

My other popular workshops on Infographic design, Board-Game development, Botanical Illustration, and the Importance of Celebration can be found on the Workshops page here.

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“Betty’s mind truly is a wonderland”
                                                     – Dr. Ana Campos, Regent’s University London

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  • Dr Ana Campos Regents University for Betty RTG copy
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  • Danielle Importance of Celebration for Betty Adamou copy
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