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For enquiries about:
SeriousGame & Gamification innovation and design (including storyboarding)
Conference speaking
Serious Game & Gamification Workshops
Ideas and Innovation Consultation
please email:



Before you contact me:
Please note that I provide 500+ hours of free and voluntary work every year.
I help charitable organisations, the market research industry, the gamification industry, and am a mentor to women at different stages in their careers.
I also write (again, for free) for magazines and other media, and have my own not-for-profit organization; the Not Sorry Club in which my time is invested there to support other women, for free.

Therefore, to save my own time and yours, please note that paid work will be prioritised, and when you contact me, please state clearly whether the body of work is paid or not. 


Book enquiries

If you have a query about buying multiple copies of Games and Gamification in Market Research, or wish to find out if this book is deliverable in your country, of if you’d like to purchase multiple copies, please get in touch with Kogan Page Publishing directly at: kpinfo[at]

For colleges and universities wishing to stock Games and Gamification in Market Research, please contact Kogan Page directly for academic and inspection copies here.


For the Not Sorry Club

You can contact Betty about the Not Sorry Club via the website or send a private DM to the Instagram page @Not.Sorry.Club


For any other project

For queries, hiring, and collaboration for Betty’s other ventures including The Importance of Celebration workshop, Luxury VideoGames, and The Young Entrepreneurs Club, please get in touch with Betty using the email address: