The press coverage here is from most to least recent, and includes press for Betty’s book Games and Gamification in Market Research.
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SAGE publications interviews Betty Adamou Part 2

SAGE publications interviews Betty Adamou on her work in developing games as a methodology of research

In late 2019, SAGE publications invited Betty Adamou to share her entrepreneurial journey and work in developing ‘ResearchGames’.
The full interview can be accessed here (but you will need to log in to watch it).

SAGE Publications interviews Betty Adamou

SAGE publications interviews Betty Adamou about the Women In Research (WIRe) organization

In late 2019, SAGE publications invited Betty Adamou, Danielle Todd (Relish Research) and Monica Drummond (also Relish Research) to talk about the significance of the Women In Research (WIRe) organization, founded by Kristin Luck.
The full interview about WIRe can be accessed here (but you will need to log in to watch it).

18. Top-10-Market-Researchers-Betty-Adamou-Research-Through-Gaming

Betty Adamou named in ‘Top 10 Market Researchers to follow’

Ray Poynter, Founder of The Future Place and NewMR  writes about 10 ways that market researchers and insight professionals can survive and thrive in today’s changing environment in his new ebook, The Smarter Researcher. In his post on the Vision Critical Blog, he set out to highlight 10 market researchers he felt exemplified the tips in his book. Betty Adamou was named in this Top 10 list along with market research thought-leaders and heavyweights like Lenny Murphy of GreenBook, Fiona Blades of MESH Experience, Jeffrey Henning of Researchscape International and Sue York (co-founder of NewMR).
Read the full list here.

17. Quirks-Seven-Women-Shaping-the-Future-of-Market-Research-Betty-Adamou

Betty named 1 of 7 Women Shaping the Future of Market Research

In 2015, esteemed market research and insights publication Quirks named seven women who are shaping the future of Market Research. Betty was thrilled to be named alongside heavyweights and thought-leaders such as Elizabeth Nelson (founder of Taylor Nelson – now TNS), Jane Frost (CEO of MRS), and Kristin Luck of (the then President of Decipher).
See the full list of seven women here.



16. small_Betty-Adamou-AMSRS-Conference-Research-Through-Gaming-Gamification

Press Coverage of Betty Adamou AMSRS Keynote Presentation

The AMSRS kindly invited our CEO & Founder, Betty Adamou, to provide a Keynote Address providing insight into how our ResearchGames work, with insights drawn from a recent academic case study. Her projection that ‘all research will use games in the future’ was controversial and exciting for the audience, whom for many, were hearing about ResearchGames for the very first time. Adamou was then invited to be part of a panel discussion on where Market Research will be in the next 2-3 years, and the challenges to overcome.
Read the full coverage here.


15. Research-News-AMSRS-Mobile-Market-Research-Surveys-Betty-Adamou-June2015-edition

‘The Future of Mobile as we see it’, interview with Betty Adamou featured in Research News

Sue York, co-author of the Handbook of Mobile Research was guest editor in June 2015 for the Research News magazine Mobile Market Research feature. Research News, based in Australia, asked over 15 market research industry thought-leaders and company head’s to contribute their thoughts on the next 2-3 years of how mobile market research will evolve, and Betty Adamou provided her thoughts on what we will actually mean by ‘mobile market research’ in the future. Mobile research will no longer be confined to mobiles but other technology that is mobile, from GPS Footwear and other Smart Clothing to Augmented and Virtual Reality.
Read the full feature here.

14. BettyAdamou_GeorgeOsbourne_2015Updated

Betty invited to Number 11 Downing Street as a leading innovator in North London

As part of Westminster’s Creative Industries Event, Betty Adamou was invited by local Enfield MP Nick De Bois to attend their event and speak to George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer to discuss her work in innovating Market Research through Games, as well as meet other fantastic entrepreneurs from various industries.In this photo, we see the back of Betty talking to George Osbourne about her invention of ResearchGames, and the results this methodology has yielded thus far in her commercial work.


Greek Newspaper ‘Parikiaki’ writes about Betty Adamou’s win of Enfield Entrepreneur of the Year award

In an article dripping with pride for the Greek Cypriot community, the institution that is the Parikiaki newspaper covers Betty’s award-win. The Parikiaki was established in 1974, and has a circulation of 300,000+ and serves the Greek and Greek Cyrpiot community in London. 
Read the full article here.





12. Betty-Adamou-interview-TMRE-2014-Market-Research

TMRE interviews Betty Adamou as part of their Catalyst for Impact Series

In 2014, our CEO and Founder was invited to be interviewed about how she got started in the Market Research industry, her innovative use of games for research, and what she thinks is next for research and technology combined.
Read the full interview here.





11. Betty-Adamou-Carrot-Pharma-Interview

Carrot Pharma interviews Betty Adamou

Carrot Pharma interviewed Betty Adamou, our CEO & Founder, for a 2nd time in January 2014 on her thoughts about how Gamification has evolved for the market research industry and where Gamification has a place in the Healthcare and Pharma space.
Read the full interview here.




10. Portafolio-Betty-Adamou-Gamification-Games-Market-Research-Article-

Colombian Newspaper ‘Portafolio’Interviews Betty Adamou on her innovative use of games for research

Colombian economics newspaper “Portafolio” interviewed Betty Adamou on how she see’s that games and gamification can be used in market research, and even be used to predict trends using observational methods in game simulations. 
Read the full interview here (in Spanish).



9. Betty-adamou-Young-Entrepreneur-Market-Research

RWConnect interviews Betty adamou

Our CEO and Founder Betty Adamou was invited to be interviewed by Tim Macer of Meaning (UK) for RWConnect magazine, to find out more from her and three other young technology entrepreneurs of 2012 about how they got started, and where they see the future of the industry. Other interviewees included Steve August of Revelation and Richard Owen of CrowdLab. 
Read the full interview here.


8. 38th_annual_conference_CASRO-Research-through-Gaming

One of Four ‘Researchers of the Future’ named by CASRO

At the 38th Annual CASRO Conference in Los Angeles, our CEO and Founder Betty Adamou was nominated by Annie Pettit of Conversitionfor the title “Researcher of the Future”. The CASRO conference committee then chose the top 4 nominees to attend their panel talk on Friday 10th October in Los Angeles, all gaining the title “Researcher of the Future”.

On nominating Betty for the title, Annie said “Betty is a rare find. At such a young age, she decided hat she needed to rebel against traditional research which had so many weaknesses that were taking so long to be improved. Many researchers think they are working outside the box, but Betty truly is.”



7. Mr-Web-Betty-Adamou-launches-new-agency-Research-Through-Gaming-Ltd

Mr Web tells the world Research Through Gaming has opened!

Ah, memories! Here’s Betty, bright eyed and bushy tailed in her early 20’s when she first started Research Through Gaming from her bedroom in North London. How time flies!
Read the news of RTG opening on MR Web news site here.


4. top-50-market-research-influencers

Named as one of the Top Influencers in Market Research

Check out the full list here, where Betty Adamou is named in the Top 25.

3. Badge_Small_Research-Through-Gaming

Winners of Ginny Valentine Bravery and Entrepreneurship Award

Watch the nomination speech from Ray Poynter (Founder of NewMR and the Future Place, and acceptance speech by Betty Adamou here.

2. ginny-valentine-Betty-aDAMOU

Nominated for Pioneering Games in Market Research

In 2013, we received an amazing nomination to win the Ginny Valentine Badge of Courage Award (for the second year in a row!) for Pioneering the use of Gamification in market research.

George Rassias of Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation said:

“Betty is truly a pioneer in the field of Gamification Research, as she and her team have built, developed, created and executed Gamification Research in the last 2 years. Betty continues to speak passionately on subject throughout the market research world. helping to ensure Gamification is in the forefront of market research industry. She is an innovate pioneer truly worthy of this award.”

1. Pimple-Crisis-Research-Through-Gaming-Ltd-Betty-Adamou

Observation Baltimore coverage

With the launch of our YouTube video showcasing Betty and the RTG teams first ever ResearchGame, the reaction in the industry was astounding. Observation Baltimore used the ResearchGame, titled “Pimple Crisis” to write about how Research Through Gaming are using Games and Gamification in Market Research.
Read the article here.

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