Gamification is being used in every industry on the planet to supercharge audience engagement and collect valuable data; from dieting and fitness, to marketing and employee engagement, and even how we do our grocery shopping.

I help frustrated brands, big and small, transform audience engagement using Gamification and Play.
Let me show you how.

Learn about the science and psychology behind gamification, see examples of how gamification has solved engagement problems around the world, and even design your own game!
Gamification is synonymous with engagement and behaviour change, so if you have an engagement problem, choose from the suite of 6 workshop masterclasses to help inspire you, and get you thinking about a solution.
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Are you a frustrated brand that wants to use Gamification, but don’t know where to start? Hiring me for Design Consultation means you get ideas, designs, and guidance throughout.
I’ve designed games for some of the worlds leading brands, transforming their audience engagement (while collecting valuable insight).
Get in touch to book an initial consultation session, and let’s get the ball rolling.


Project Coaching is for those people that have the idea, but need guidance to get their idea from the back of an envelope, to being built, project managed and activated.
I’ve spent 12+ years developing games for brands, big and small, so I know the costly mistakes to avoid, how to streamline gamification-development projects, how to use time and resources efficiently, and what you need to think about/do at every stage.
Get in touch to use my expertise and help get your idea built and launched.

Betty Adamou is a Multi-award-winning
Gamification Expert and Entrepreneur.
International Keynote Speaker, Author, and Designer on all things Gamification.
Inventor of ResearchGames™. 
(Also the Founder of Not Sorry Club. Check it out!)
Here are some of the brands I’ve worked with…


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Gamification Workshop Masterclasses Hire Betty to run her highly reviewed courses

My workshops mix education with examples and case-studies with learning-by-doing, fun and creativity. 
Gamification is being used in every industry on the planet, so I’ve created six workshops in the series to help you understand how gamification is being used in your sector.
Workshops can be delivered on-site and online.
Get in touch for rates and book your session today

Gamification in
Advertising and Marketing

Gamification in 
Market Research and Insight

Gamification in 
Sustainability and Environment

Gamification in 
Training and Education

Gamification in 
Employee Engagement

Gamification in 
Health and

My other popular workshops on Infographic design, Board-Game development, Botanical Illustration, and the Importance of Celebration can be found on the Workshops page here.

In the Press...

…dozens of publications across more than a decade, including the Financial Times, 0800 Flor Radio (Venezuela), Ipswich Star, Professor Game podcast, SAGE Research TV, Enfield Gazette, BOSS Academy, Portafolio newspaper (Colombia), +7 Intelligence podcast, and these brands below. 
See the Press page for a full list, and my Awards & Recognition page for more.

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The Book!

Games and Gamification in Market Research Betty Adamou Kogan Page copy

Buy my book, it'll change your life (if you're a brand, or a market researcher)

Client Reviews (scroll to read)

I’ve helped Fortune 500 brands, charities, NGO’s, universities, and small start-ups to transform audience engagement by using Gamification, while collecting valuable insight.
Take a look at the reviews below to see what they’ve said.

“Betty’s mind truly is a wonderland of valuable ideas”
                                                     – Dr. Ana Campos, Regent’s University London

“Betty helped take our completion rate from below 10% to over 75% – consistently. This is unbelievable in this day and age. Thank you.”
                                                     – University of Surrey

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