Awards & Recognition

NGMR Award Win for Thought Leadership in the Disruptive Innovation category, 2015

Betty Adamou and her company Research Through Gaming won this prestigious award with NGMR (Next Gen Market Research), and we couldn’t be happier!
Thank you NGMR, and to Tom Anderson and Kristin Luck for their extremely kind words.
Betty was kindly invited to attend the event NGMR award ceremony in Orlando, Florida to pick up the award in person, so she thanks Kristin Luck for accepting the award on our behalf while Betty was making ResearchGames back at HQ (and working on her PhD!). Huge congratulations to all the winners in the different categories at the 2015 NGMR awards and double congratulations for a 58% increase in submissions from female researchers and innovators!

Small Not Sorry Club

Betty Adamou launches not-for-profit female empowerment organization – the Not Sorry Club in 2021,
with interview on BBC Radio Suffolk

In January 2021, Betty Adamou launched the Not Sorry Club; a currently online-only group encouraging women to be less apologetic, and eliminate unnecessary ‘sorry’s from their vocabulary.
Within 2 weeks of launch, Betty was invited on BBC Radio Suffolk to talk about the Not Sorry Club, why it’s important, and what the future holds. 
The Not Sorry Club can be accessed via Instagram and our website.
Listen to the 9.5 minute BBC Radio Suffolk interview between Betty and journalist Jon Wright here: 

Betty’s article “The Importance of Celebration” created as an event for the second time with the Lean In organization

Lean In is an organization founded by ex-Facebook powerhouse Cheryl Sandberg. The Lean In Supper Circle is the events part of the organization, where women of influence are invited to share their ideas, work, and guidance with the Lean In Community. In 2020, after hearing about Betty’s success with her article-come-event ‘The Importance of Celebration’ with the Women In Research (WIRe) group, the Lean In group invited her to share her article and activity-based event online. There was laughter and tears! We thank the Lean In Supper Circle group for the invitation!

Lean In Importance of ceLEBRATION 22 July 2020

ESOMAR Insight250 board interview Betty Adamou as winner

With great company to be in, the Insight250 winners are recognised as people making positive and weighty changes in the market research and insight industries. I am grateful to be included in this list, and thank Crispin Beale for his time interviewing me!
Read the full interview here.

Small V2 Spanish Book Translation Promo April 2020

Announcement of book translation in Portuguese and Spanish by end of 2021

In 2020, Kogan Page Publishing announced that Betty Adamou’s book, Games and Gamification in Market Research will be published in Portuguese and Spanish in 2020 and 2021. Thrilled!

Games and Gamification in Market Research book launches, 2018

In November 2018, Kogan Page Publishing launched ‘Games and Gamification in Market Research’ to wide industry acclaim. Full industry peer feedback can be found here.

Poster 1 social media posts of Games and Gamification in Market Research
Best Chair MRS Annual IMPACT Conference 2018

Best Chair award for Virtual Reality session at MRS Conference, 2018

Betty Adamou was invited to chair the Virtual Reality track at the MRS IMPACT Annual Conference, and invited ground-breaking game studio UsTwo Games to keynote this session. Following, that, market research agencies and their clients shared their uses of VR for market research with eye-opening results. Betty prepared a speech for this session talking about the evolution and meaning of VR in and outside research, and facilitated a panel discussion and Q&A between speakers and audience.
The PDF listing all winners in various categories can be found here (p40).

MRS IMPACT Annual Conference: Best Newcomer Presentation Award for Fashion Sustainability ResearchGame case-study presentation, 2017

Having never spoken at an MRS Annual Conference before, Betty Adamo was eligible for the ‘Best Newcomer’ award, and was nominated by MRS judges as the winner for her case-study based presentation “Fashion Design and Sustainability through ResearchGames: How a ResearchGame helped women design their own activewear apparel, and can pave the way for waste reduction in fashion”.  The case-study was based on Betty’s work with global Fortune 500 portfolio fashion brand, ‘VF Corporation’.

Awards & Recognition

Named “one of seven women changing the future of Market Research”

Betty Adamou was named in 2015 as ‘one of seven women shaping the future of market research’, along with research experts like Jane Frost (CEO of the Market Research Society) and Elizabeth Nelson, co-founder of Taylor Nelson (now TNS). Betty was naturally thrilled to receive such recognition among her industry peers.

Named in Heinz Marketing as Top 50 most influential people, 2014

User an ‘insider score’, Heinz Marketing worked with Little Bird to compile this list, ranked order are the most influential people talking about Marketing and Market Research online.
The full list can be accessed here.

Heinz Marketing Top 50 List Betty Adamou
Top LRW MR influencers

In the Top 25 Influential Market Researchers, 2014

In 2014, Betty was thrilled to be named among her market research heroes and heroines in this ‘Top 25’ list, produced by Lieberman Research Worldwide (LRW) and publicised on the GreenBook blog here.

Named “Researcher of the Future” by esteemed conference organization, CASRO

CASRO as an organization no longer exists, (although it’s website is still live and kicking here) but in in heyday was one of the most prominent US based market research events. It’s now become part of the Insights Association.
In 2014, CASRO named Betty Adamou as a ‘Researcher of the Future’.

Betty Adamou CASRO 2013

GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative firms, 2014

The ‘GRIT Top 50’ is a list of market research industry nominated firms deemed as the most innovative.
Betty Adamou was thrilled that her business, Research Through Gaming, was in this list among much larger and tenured firms, for the second time. The Top 50 list can be accessed here.

GRIT TOP 50 2014

Entrepreneur of the Year Award, 2014

Enfield is one of London’s largest Boroughs, and filled with great businesses grown by people who are self-starters and entrepreneurs. So when our CEO & Founder, Betty Adamou, won the Enfield Entrepreneur of the Year award in December 2014 from Enterprise Enfield Business, we were absolutely delighted to receive this recognition and meet other local business people, AND the Mayor of Enfield and Enfield’s local MPs! The news was quickly publicised in local newspapers including the Greek newspaper Parikiaki and the Enfield Independent
Read more about the experience in the news article here.

20 most influential market researchers and insight professionals, 2012

Named in the 20 Most Influential Market Research list produced by Research Live magazine in partnership with Dollywaggon.
Read the full list of influential professionals here.

Follow the Leaders picture

After just 7 months after inception, RTG was already in the GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative list of Market Research companies in 2012. The ‘GRIT Top 50’ is a list of market research industry nominated firms deemed as the most innovative.
Betty Adamou was thrilled that her business, Research Through Gaming, was in this list among much larger and tenured firms.


Ginny Valentine Award

Within the first year of starting Research Through Gaming, Betty Adamou was nominate for, and won, the Ginny Valentine Badge of Courage Award for Entrepreneurial Spirit and Bravery in Research.
Watch the nomination here from thought-leader Ray Poynter; esteemed industry voice and Founder of NewMR and The Future Place.

“Everyone once in a while you meet someone whose energy and passion for their work inspires you.
Betty Adamou and her company, Research through Gaming, have brought real value to our members and the industry at large through her blogging, hosting of events and continuous support of our initiatives.
Her company, Research Through Gaming, is without a doubt one of our key ‘go to’ Gamification partners and we look forward to future collaborations with them!”
– Erika Harrifod-McLaren, Communications Manager at The International School of Amsterdam and Strategic Corporate Communications Manager ESOMAR.


“Occasionally we are all blessed with meeting true visionaries;
people like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, etc.. before they become household names.
Betty is one of those people. Her uncompromising vision, enthusiasm, and ambition WILL transform the way market research is conducted one way or the other. I have no doubt that within 5 to 10 years she will rise to the top as one of the great success stories of not just market research, but of the emerging culture of consumer engagement we find ourselves in.
If you don’t know Betty you should; one day you’ll be able to say ‘I remember her when…’”
– Leonard Murphy, Senior Advisor Gen2 Advisors, Editor-In-Chief GreenBook Marketing Research Directory, Chairman and Founder Insight Innovation Exchange.

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