Betty’s publications range from her semi-academic book ‘Games and Gamification in Market Research’, white papers for academic journals, to think-pieces published for online and print.
This some (but not all) of Betty’s work as published in magazines, journals, and other locations. 

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The Future of Research Through Gaming

Yes, folks, this is the paper/talk that started it all.
This paper, which I presented in my early 20’s at the CASRO conference (CASRO no longer exists, sadly) in Las Vegas, got a standing ovation. I couldn’t believe it. 
From there, it only made sense to call my business after the paper/conference talk that started it all; “Research Through Gaming”.
At the request of ESOMARs’ ‘RW Connect’ or ‘Research World’ magazine, I produced a condensed version of this paper as an article for their website. Their then marketing lead, Adam Warner, emailed to say it was the most read article on their website, ever.
So, have a read of the paper on Academia.Edu here
and you can watch my nervous 20-something year old self share the paper in Las Vegas here:

World Menopause Day 2023; 14 women’s stories and experiences

Writing as the Not Sorry Club, and collaborating with research analysis software company Word Cloud Plus, Betty Adamou wrote this piece in celebration of World Menopause Day. 

Access the article here.

Opening paragraph:

“When we’re at school, as part of sex-education lessons, girls are taught what I call the 3 ‘p’s; periods, puberty, and pregnancy.

We learn, as boys do, about how our bodies will change and what to expect. But for girls, another layer of education is crucial, but completely removed from the school system, and that is the fourth and secret ‘p’; the perimenopause, as the first phase to menopause in a woman’s life.

Time and again, the women I speak to through the Not Sorry Club, and indeed anecdotally through friends and colleagues, share that the menopause is shrouded in mystery with our first educators not being teachers or even family members, but Google…”

World Menopause Day 18th October 2023 Word Cloud Plus smaller copy


Vlamis is a book of poetry, written over the course of 2 years, and published in February 2023.
It’s available through Amazon now.
Click here to buy your copy


Games and Gamification in Market Research

After being approached by Kogan Page publishing in 2017, Betty was delighted to accept an offer to place her commercial and academic work in Gamification into this ‘one-stop-shop’ book, now published in 3 languages!
Buy your copy directly from the publisher website here, or visit the book companion website for more retailers here.

PROMO Games and Gamification in Market Research Betty Adamou ResearchGames concrete background

Data, the new ‘Little Black Dress’ in Fashion

After winning Best Presentation award at the MRS Annual IMPACT Conference, I was invited to share a presentation summary as an article for Research-Live online magazine. 
The article discusses how I designed a ResearchGame to help inform a new fashion collection with the brand Lucy (owned by Fortune 500 company – the same organization that owns North Face and Wrangler).
The study shows how the design of the ResearchGame allowed the client to rely on the data to make business and design decisions, and thus reduce waste in time, labour, and materials as the new collection had sold-out (and thus, less on the sale rail).
The full article can be accessed here.

Data the new little black dress in fashion by Betty Adamou Research Through Gaming

How Games are Changing the World; a 6-part series for Research World (RW) Connect online magazine

After being invited to write one article on gamification, it turned into a 6 part series! I was delighted to write about Gamification in Marketing, and the impact of games and play during the COVID lockdown, with Research World online magazine (RW Connect).

Access the articles by pressing the links below:

The first column – ‘Games and Gamification in…every part of our lives’

Column 2: ‘Games and Gamification in Marketing, part 1 of 3’

Column 3: ‘Games and Gamification in Marketing, part 2 of 3’

Column 4: ‘Games and Gamification in Marketing, part 3 of 3’

Column 5: ‘Games and Gamification in a Pandemic’


Learning from Maleficent; communicating change in the insight we seek

(Online and print)
Published via RW Connect magazine, this article draws parallels with the well-known character of Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty, and how we manage change during research projects.
Access the article here via the Wiley Online Library.
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On retaining millennials in the workplace; using gamification for happiness and retention

Published via Research Live magazine, this article discussed the benefits of using gamification techniques to engage young audiences in market research careers, or indeed, in any job, and debunks the myth that all they need are bean bags and ping-pong tables.
Access the article here via the Research Live website.
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Front-cover feature for
VUE Magazine

(Online and print)
Betty Adamou’s front-cover featured article for market research magazine VUE discusses how she see’s the future of the Market Research industry, how gamification will change the landscape of research, and how she designs her ‘Research Games’.

Betty’s ideas on the evolution of market research have rocked the industry; from this article came a stream of other invitations to republish this article and for Betty to be interviewed for more details on how she views the future of the research industry – from new methodologies to technological advancements in data collection.
Access the article here.