Player/User Reviews

Since starting Research Through Gaming,
a company pioneering the innovation of market research by using games
(and using games for training, education, and marketing),
we’ve had over 10,000 players of all ages play;
from 6 years old to 89 years old!

With the inventor of ResearchGames, Betty Adamou at the helm, each and every game is storyboarded by her, and the depth of her research for every design is part of the process to ensure engaging, useful, and exciting interactive media.

Here’s just some of the feedback our games have received to date!

Please note that not all of the games I create capture data on the participants age or gender.
Where this information has been collected, it has been added below.


Please tell me where I can take part in more of these? That was brilliant!

Really engaging – and less time wasted too.– Male, aged 44

Amazing way of conducting a survey. Very interesting and fun to do. I wish all the survey’s are like this. Feels like I am playing a game. Hats off to whoever has come up with this unique idea – Male, aged 42

What refreshing approach to gain shopper insights and desires– Female, aged 30

I enjoyed playing this game very much. I am not a gamer and neither do I use smart phone or phone apps but I also learned from this gaming experience. –Male, aged 79

Such fun! I wish all surveys were like this. What a refreshing change to the tickboxes, thank you! – Female, aged 39

This was pretty cool and interesting also very exciting and I would love to fill out another survey like this one. Also just imagine if all surveys were like this or even most of them? I’d be doing surveys a lot more often than I do them now. – Female, aged 20

That was the best survey I’ve ever done. Really imaginative and engaging.– Female, aged 59

This was great.  a really innovative way to complete a survey

Thanks for asking me to help. I enjoyed it. It was very well done!

Was a refreshing approach to gain shopper  insights and desires in their apparel line. Thank you!

I enjoy it because it was interactive. It is not the same  questions over and over that you  see in a lot of research surveys.

I thought it was fun! and different! it made doing a survey a lot more enjoyable and I would like it if more surveys like this one followed their model!

I really enjoyed it because its visually stimulating and quick to do

Some of these questions literally taken me aback for a while. Earlier I didn’t even realise what I really want from my life at university, what is most important to me and what I’m scared of. I’m really thankful for this quiz, it helped me a lot.

It was fun and the results were accurate. I learned a few things about myself that I didn’t know. Thank you!

The quiz is fun and easy to understand. I love it. Please make more fun quizzes 🙂 Cheers.

It was very interesting almost accurate and I had fun doing it lol. Bravo 🙂

This was really fun! Not only that but it was accurate too. It’s good to see that you acknowledge different types of students and have a way with dealing with each and every type.

cool! amazing! Do more!!

Loved it!!! If I can be part ofthis  again…Sign meup!!!

Absolutely loved this survey. Unique way to get opinion data. Well done!! – Female, aged 51

SO MUCH FUN – Boy, aged 8

TOTALLY ENGAGING – Male, aged 18

Super fun survey. Extremely unique! – Male, aged 33

Having to answer such questions thatI have been avoiding in my head hascleared to me what exactly I want.  I feel more confident.  Adding a few more questions could improve it some more.


Super fun survey! Extremely unique, never  have taken one like this. Enjoyed customizing  my ideal pants. Would love to take again.

It was a very good research game, as someone who does a lot of surveys it was refreshing to do something different.

This is a great way of doing surveys, it is visually appealing and holds your interest.

I enjoyed this. It was the best survey/questionnaire I have ever done and I am quite a frequent participant!

It was definitely more interesting than a normal survey – the music especially is a great addition!

Brilliant game, I really enjoyed it… better than a boring survey. I am willing to participate in more, thanks.

Amazing!  Loved this ‘ResearchGame’ – best survey I have ever taken.  Thank you for allowing me to participate.

“Absolutely loved this survey. Unique way to get opinion data. Well done!!”

“Good quiz, and well rounded!”

“I thought this survey was easy and quick and at the end, gave me a very accurate result.
It was a fun and interactive way for me to explore how I would fit in”

“Brilliant idea for a survey! can we have more like it?”

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