Betty Adamou

FOUNDER of Research Through Gaming 
AUTHOR of Games & Gamification in Market Research 
FOUNDER of  Not Sorry Club, a female empowerment not-for-profit

Betty Adamou is a multi award-winning innovator and entrepreneur, with her work
rooted in Gamification and Serious Games to enhance user engagement and data quality,
primarily in the fields of market research and insight.
Adamou is the inventor of ResearchGames™, (a game-based form of conducting market research)
and an in-demand designer, keynote speaker, consultant, and workshop leader. 

Her industry acclaimed book Games and Gamification in Market Research (Kogan Page, 2019)
is being translated to Spanish and Portuguese throughout 2021.

Through her work, countless public speaking engagements (including keynotes and press),
articles and book, Betty has been able to mobilise the entire market research industry in implementing real, actual, change in how research is conducted, to much industry praise.
As a result, she is often noted as researcher of influence, with her business has been in the
GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative firms, twice.
Betty has also been voted 1 of 7 women shaping the future of Market Research.

Betty’s talents are rooted in using her creativity and innovative ideas to provide multiple wins,
and solving multiple problems at any one time. Her work has a proven track record in not just creating higher levels of engagement for users, but by doing so, providing better data quality that commercial organisations can trust, often basing business decisions worth hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars.

Betty consults, designs, and develops innovative user-engagement solutions using
Serious Games and Gamification for Fortune 500 brands, healthcare organisations,
charities, and academic institutions.
Her understanding of her clients’ data, insight, and commercial needs coupled with
15yrs+ years working in the Market Research industry has given Betty the unique ability to
bring her lifetime of creativity (and love of games) to the forefront in solving research and business problems,
often rooted in a requirement to improve digital user experiences.


I design and develop Serious Games for businesses to help them engage people,
and collect reliable, quality data.
I turn questions into quests, games and playful experiences. 
My games have captivated thousands of players worldwide,
while collecting valuable insight that drives real-world change.
The data and insight gathered from my games have helped my clients shape new food products,
gain more leads, improve their marketing, and even shape fashion lines.

Get in touch to find out about my Serious Game design and development,
or about my Knowledge-Sharing services (including workshops and innovation consultation).

The works in this website are the Intellectual Property of Betty Adamou,
and each are protected by Intellectual Property and Trademark laws.

Web Dr WIll Thomas Testimonial Uni of Suffolk for Betty RTG


Games & Gamification in Market Research book

An industry-renowned text book, to be published in two additional languages

Serious Game &
Gamification Design

Benefit from Betty Adamou’s 10+ years of Serious Game, Gamification and Interactive Media design experience.

Masterclass Workshops

Click to discover Serious Game and
Gamification workshops for Training & Education, Marketing and Market Research. Workshops are suitable for professionals and students alike, and available virtually.


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Making Games for Research, Marketing, Training and Education.

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Betty Adamou from Chore to Score Gamification Europe Keynote Berlin 2019

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BBC Radio interview

Betty was invited on BBC Radio Suffolk (again!) to talk about her innovative work using Serious Games and Gamification to gather useful data, and increase user engagement.

BBC Radio Suffolk

Betty was invited on BBC Radio Suffolk (again!) to talk about her innovative work using Serious Games and Gamification to gather useful data, and increase user engagement.

Client feedback
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Web Dr WIll Thomas Testimonial Uni of Suffolk for Betty RTG
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