Here is a list of some of the publications produced by Betty:

ResearchGames as a methodology: The impact of online ResearchGames and game components upon participant engagement and future ResearchGame participation” 2014, by Betty Adamou, was written in conjunction with Betty’s presentation for the Association of Survey Computing Conference in September 2013 titled “T.E.S.S.A. Undercover Agents & Dubious: two research games which have changed market research forever”.

Download the paper here, from the Research Through Gaming website.

In the presentation and the downloadable paper here, Betty Adamou shares the design thinking behind, and the results of, two bespoke online ResearchGames that she and her team created for the IMPRINTS Futures study, a 3-year academic study based in the public perceptions on the future of identity management. This paper is the first paper of its’ kind, discussing ResearchGames as a methodology (moving beyond Gamification) and the use of game design within an online survey as well as the inclusion of game components, and the impact these have on participant engagement, with direct and indirect implications on results. With a frank account of the thinking behind the use of games for this academic study and the game-design itself (from Betty and her clients’ perspective), and a rich detail of findings shared, Betty Adamou concludes that the results prove positive and hopeful for the use of ResearchGames in the future and looks forward to further discussion and development.

SAGE logoPaper:  “Research through Gaming: Public Perceptions of (the Future of) Identity Management” Georgina Turner, Liesbet van Zoonen and Betty Adamou, 2013. Published on SAGE Research Methods, 18th February 2014. The full paper can be accessed here:

CarrotPharmaLogoInterview: Betty’s interview on Games & Gamification in Pharma and Healthcare
(January 23, 2014)
Summary: Carrot Pharma interviewed Betty for a 2nd time in January 2014 on her thoughts about how Gamification has evolved, where Gamification sits in the Healthcare and Pharma space, and Betty discusses the differences between a ResearchGame and Gamified survey. The interview can be accessed here.
Keywords: Gamification, gaming, Health, healthcare, Market Research, pharma, pharma research, Research, Research Through Gaming


(January 23, 2014)
Summary: Article: An extract from my upcoming book “Playspondents: Making Games for Research” “Debunking the most common misconceptions of Games and Gamification in Research” for CASRO Journal 2014, global. (By invitation) Managing Editor Art Flanagan. The extract can be read online here: (page 61)
Keywords: Betty Adamou, Games, Gamification, gaming, Market Research, Research, Research Through Gaming, ResearchGames, Surveys


(December 14, 2013)
Summary: Betty Adamou was invited to speak on radio NewMR for the Lecture Series which took place in September 2013. You can go to YouTube to watch her Introduction to Gamification recording here, watch the webinar on the NewMR site here, or simply press play below!
Keywords: Betty Adamou, gaming, Research Through Gaming, ResearchGames, RTG, Storytelling, Surveys, webinar
Categories: Gamification, Gaming


(July 16, 2013)
Summary: Published on July 16th, 2013, This article was written in response to RWConnect Editor Adam Warner’s request for Betty to list her advice on how to start a research agency. The full article can be found here.
Categories: Business, Culture, Design, Exploratory Research, Future Research, Gamification, Idea, Innovation, Research, Technology


(November 1, 2012)
VUE561072_493563790688045_1936240094_n1.png download View | Download
Summary: In November of 2012, Betty was featured in an article for the Canadian research magazine VUE. This article was published only in a print version and is not online. It discussed Betty’s ideas and the evolution of market research. Betty’s article was the monthly feature of the November 2012 edition
Categories: Academia, Business, Canada, Interview, Research, Semiotics, Technology


(October 2, 2012)
Summary: On October 2nd, 2012, Betty was invited to participate in an interview regarding the use of games in research and how she started Research Through Gaming. The interview was conducted by the research organization Carrot Intelligence. You can find the interview here.
Categories: Business, Future Research, Gamification, Idea, Innovation, Interview, Research, Technology


(October 1, 2012)
Summary: This interview was conducted by Tim Macer of Meaning, UK. Betty was invited to speak with other entrepreneurs who had also started innovative and technology based companies. The interview was published online and as a hard copy by RW Connect on October 1st, 2012. The interview is available online here
Categories: Academia, Business, Exploratory Research, Future Research, Gamification, Idea, Innovation, Milestone, Research, Technology


(August 30, 2012)
Summary: This interview was featured in the Columbia Economic Newspaper on August 30th, 2012. Betty was interviewed as to why games can work in research. The interview, in Spanish, can be found here.
Categories: Academia, Conference, Culture, Future Research, Gamification, Gaming, Idea, Innovation, Research


(July 9, 2012)
Summary: This article details information on the kind of feedback and response rate Research Through Gaming received from the children playing our ResearchGame “Magazine Question Hunt”. The game was made for 7-10 year old children and commissioned by Immediate Media. The article was posted online via on July 9th, 2012. You can read the article […]
Categories: data collection, Exploratory Research, Feedback, Future Research, Gamification, Gaming, Idea, Internet


(June 22, 2012)
Summary: Betty, along with social media researcher Annie Pettit, was interviewed for Venezuelan radio station ‘Onda’ on June 22nd, 2012. The interview was aimed at understanding gamification and social media research techniques and applications. A video recording of the interview is available here.
Categories: Academia, Business, Conference, Culture, Future Research, Gamification, Idea, Innovation, Interview, Radio, Research


RayPoynterasksBettyWhatisGamificationWhat is Gamification?
(May 15, 2012)
Summary: ‘What is Gamification?’ was an interview in which Betty took part in. On March 15th, 2012, Betty was interviewed by Ray Poynter, founder of NewMR at Norwegian Market Research Day for a segment on NewMR TV. To watch the video segment, click here.
Categories: Academia, Business, Conference, Culture, Design, Exploratory Research, Future Research, Gamification, Idea, Innovation, Internship, Research, Technology


(March 20, 2012)
Summary: This article was written in request to an opportunity presented by RW Connect. It was published on March 20th, 2012 and pertains to a game which was designed by Betty in efforts to teach research professionals the ability to design games confidently. This link will redirect you to the article.
Categories: Business, Design, Feedback, Future Research, Gamification, Idea, Innovation, Problem Solving, Research


(January 10, 2012)
Summary: Published on January 10th, 2012 by ResearchAccess (though originally published on their sister site GameAccess, This publication deals with how a British television show utilized gamification in marketing. To read more about increasing brand engagement through games, Betty’s article is available here.
Categories: Advertising, Avatar, Branding, Culture, Engagement, Gamification, Gaming, Marketing


(November 10, 2011)
Summary: This blog (which was originally published on GameAccess, the former syndicated site of ResearchAccess)focuses on expressing data with clarity by means of infographics. The blog was published November 10th, 2011. A link to the article on Research Access can be found here.
Categories: Conference, data collection, Design, Feedback, Idea, Infographic, Problem Solving


(August 10, 2011)
Summary: Originally posted on GameAccess and now featured on ResearchAccess, Betty offers up a case study on the proper use of gamification. The blog was written and posted on Auguest 10th, 2011 and is available here.
Categories: Advertising, Branding, Culture, Design, Engagement, Gamification, Gaming


(May 18, 2011)
Summary: ‘Has C.O.D stolen my brothers innocence?’ was written for RW Connect, and published in May, 2011. This article is about debunking the notion that videos games – violent or not, are to blame for most teenage ‘issues’. To read the full article, click here.
Categories: Academia, Culture, Exploratory Research, Future Research, Gamification, Gaming, Problem Solving, Research, Semiotics, Technology


(May 9, 2011)
Summary: On May 9th, 2011, Betty was invited to participate in an interview in order to discuss discuss how she started RTG. Why she started RTG. As well as how RTG does business. This was completed via chat with “The Social CMO”. The full transcript of this chat can be found here.
Categories: Advertising, Business, Exploratory Research, Feedback, Future Research, Gamification, Idea, Innovation, Interview, Marketing, Research, Technology


(April 8, 2011)
Summary: In this publication, Betty writes on the evolution of language and some of its implications. She uses the evolution of language to exemplify distances created in respondents engagement, and overall societal differences as well. The blog was originally posted on GameAccess (now ResearchAccess) on April 8th, 2011. It’s available online here.
Categories: Academia, Business, Culture, Design, Design Surveys, Engagement, Future Research, Idea, Problem Solving, Semiotics


Betty Adamou(March 3, 2011)
CASRO-PAPER-by-Betty-Adamou-2nd-March-2011-with-Bibliography-Survey-and-Survey-Highlights.pdf download View | Download
Summary: Betty Adamou presented the first ever paper on conducting research using Games at CASRO Online, 2011. You can watch the conference talk in 2 parts via the CASRO YouTube channel here or download the paper, or search the title in Google to see the places that the papers condensed version was published.