Betty Adamou


How I can help you
Organizations need more engagement and data than ever before.
This applies to training, marketing, education, research, and many other industries.
Every business is fighting to captivate audiences while collecting valuable insight in order to progress their commercial endeavours.
This is where I shine.

Why do I use the principles of games so much in my work?
Games offer a powerful answer to the needs of higher user engagement, and better data quality. 
Games are inherently data collection tools, and the most engaging medium of all time.
Their power to provide experience, empathy, and context –
all while utilising the benefits of digital – are unrivalled.

I use the science of games, and  gamification with my expert design skills to solve business problems, and help my clients thrive.

What I do:
1. Serious Game and Gamification design: Design and make Serious Games and Gamified digital experiences for Market Research, Training, and Marketing. 
2. Knowledge-Sharing: I run Gamification and Serious Game design, education, and innovation strategy workshops, as well as consultancy services.




Serious Game design

ResearchGames™, Marketing Games, Training & Education Games – these are my three specialisms.
The way I design my Serious Games gives people an engaging, often thought-provoking experience, while ensuring that the collaborative approach of games supports the clients I work with.
Get in touch to learn more about my Serious Game design process, see examples, case-studies, and talk about your needs.


All my Serious Games are device agnostic…

…ensuring that your audience can play your game, wherever they are. 
As my client, you can also share your Serious Game wherever you like.
Do you need to email a link to your game to specific people? No problem.
Do you want to share it publicly on social media, on your website, and in newsletters? Awesome.
What’s more, with the smart referrer systems I use, I show my clients concrete data that lets them know exactly where any player has accessed the game from, providing even more audience insight.


Knowledge-Sharing services

Workshops: My workshops come in ‘light’ sessions, or more immersive, activity-lead, full-day sessions. 
Each workshop is aimed at building a gamification design and strategy for my clients’ specific business needs. 
Choose from my Gamification for Market Research workshop, Gamification for Marketing, or Gamification for Training & Education.

Consultation: Whether ad-hoc, or ongoing, my consultation services have helped businesses by providing solid gamification design guidance, and where required, I can also oversee implementation and even testing.





Gave a talk called 'The Future of Research through Gaming'

The scene: The conference is CASRO, in Las Vegas. I’m 23, and fly from London to give my first ever conference talk. I share my ideas for a world where research is conducted through the medium of games. There’s a standing ovation. My idea has just been validated by my peers, and I am buzzing about what will come next.

The presentation got so much attention, I turned the idea into a business.
Research Through Gaming was born

From my bedroom, Research Through Gaming (RTG) went from an idea to a business. For half a year, I was focused on developing the software, processes, and of course all the admin that comes with running a business. I had my first client 7 months after launching RTG – BBC Magazines.





ResearchGames™ where Trademarked, and evolved

By 2015, I had trademarked the name of my invention; ResearchGames – and what they could achieve evolved.
My ResearchGame designs had become more sophisticated, context-driven, and emotive. Players were consistently saying how much they loved this new method of research (and they still do). My clients, including Fortune 500 brands by this time, were thrilled with their designs and the results. During these years, I continued to share my work at conferences both as a keynote speaker and workshop leader, and guest lecturing to students at university level. Teaching market researchers of the future about the huge possibilities of games for research is a passion, and part-and-parcel of my work.

'Games & Gamification in Market Research' is published

One day, while working from my dining room table, an email came through from a publishing house called Kogan Page. They wanted to meet me and see if I’d be interested in writing a book on what I do. After a meeting in London, we had a deal. In November 2018, Games & Gamification in Market Research was published. Recent news from my publisher tells me that the book is due for Spanish and Portuguese translation in 2021 – and I can’t wait.





Celebrating 9 years in business

In 2020, Coronavirus hit us all, and hit us hard. I am ever more grateful to still be in business, do the work I love, work with fantastic people from all corners of the Earth, and help others by utilising my skills and passions. 


Based in Suffolk, United Kingdom