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The Importance of Celebration

I wrote this in my journal originally, then sent it to the women at Women In Research to see if they wanted to publish it. They did, and made a whole event out of it. I was invited to read this piece aloud to a room full of women. Some cried. Many laughed. Written (and performed) in 2019.

Grounded Theory in 20 minutes

Written and uploaded to SlideShare in 2015. During my PhD (note, I did not finish by PhD. I wrote a book instead!) I was going to use Grounded Theory as a research method. When I learned about it, I wanted to develop a simplified guide to help fellow students and save them time. And so I did. It has been viewed over 1000 times, and I have had a few emails from readers saying how much it helped them understand GT, and that it made them laugh. 🙂

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