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Keynote at the Gamification Europe Conference (Berlin)

Keynote at the UX Live Conference (London)

The Suspension of Disbelief in ResearchGames with NewMR (online)

On Gamification - Lecture Series 1 on NewMR

Festival of NewMR 2014

The Gargantuan Differences between Games & Gamification NewMR

Hot Source Norwich conference event (played as podcast)

IIeX EU conference 2014 A Paradigm Shift in the Use of Games for Research

MRMW conference

Papers, Articles, and Columns - Betty's written work

Betty Adamou has authored and co-authored a vast number of articles, columns, and academic papers.
Please take a look at some of her article writing on the Research Through Gaming website here, her papers via here, and her column writing with Research World magazine here.

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