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Professionally, I’ve turned my skills and talents to Serious Game and Gamification design and development.
But, within that, I’m an artist at heart, an entrepreneur, an innovator,
and someone with ideas who isn’t afraid to make them come to life.
I’m also someone born from a working class family, moved house 18 times from the ages of 12 to 30,
and started a business at 24 years of age.

Who I am, and what I’ve seen, have created passions that permeate outside of my day-to-day work.
I’m a mentor. I paint. I draw. I write poetry.
I have a huge passion for nature
(I’m one of those people with a camera reel full of photos of flowers, leaves, lichen, and insects!)
I’m an advocate for people being given a chance in life,
and for women living to their fullest, unapologetically.
I believe in curiosity, kindness, empathy, and art. The pursuit of knowledge and beauty.

Check out below how these passions have manifested into projects.

The Young Entrepreneurs Club
(a 10 week programme which I’ve run with two London schools helping children understand and grow entrepreneurial skills), the Not Sorry Club (we hope to get at least 2,021 women taking on the 1 week #NotSorryChallenge throughout 2021), my writing on the Importance of Celebration, and even my #PandemicPoetry – all these are designed to do good things and make people SEEN.
These projects are close to my heart.
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