Parallel Universes

March 2014

I’m sat at my desk today graphically designing a new ResearchGame, but as this is a creative and exploratory process, I often find that I have to be ‘in a certain mood’ to do this. And it can be really hard. When I used to spraypaint or draw, I could do that whenever I liked without (much) commercial pressure as it was always a thing I did outside my job as a call centre canvasser, waitress, market research, whatever.

However, now that my role is split into 5 areas, I find it fantastic because everything feeds into each other. As a person who writes papers and is editing a book on game-based research, that feeds into my commercial game development. And my commercial game development feeds into my writing. These things all feed into my PhD. The trouble is, as always with me, is that I am always doing 100 things at the same time yet feel there’s always 100 things that I am not doing too. I would LOVE to do all the comparative studies and experiments on game-based research that I have on my mental to-do list, and write the 16 or so papers that again, I have in my mental to-do list, but I have to keep reminding myself that I’m doing all I can in the time I can. I am so enjoying being this engrossed in game-based research methods. I got rid of all the other roles I was taking on which were unrelated to this, or not bringing in any revenue to pay the bills, and it’s great. I’m back to being just me, doing what I love doing and sharing my work as much as possible. I didn’t realise just how much time the voluntary or free things I was doing were taking up for me, leaving me with little time for my work and even to spend time with my partner and friends.

So at the moment, I’ve managed to be one person connecting several different universes: the business owner, the game designer/developer, the author, the PhD student and the person finishing a paper I started last year! I didn’t know I could be this inspired and energised talking and developing the same thing for this many years. Now, I have to switch from ‘writers’ mode into ‘designer/developer’ mode and get on with this new ResearchGame! Hopefully it will be the subject of a paper in the future!