Onda Radio Station interview, Venezuela: (By invitation) 22nd June 2012. This broadcast interview with Annie Pettit of Conversition aimed at understanding my Gamification techniques for research, and Annie’s Social Media research techniques. The video of the interview in the radio station is available here:

Portafolio Economics Newspaper interview, Colombia: (By invitation) “Jugar, una herramienta para conocer tendencias del Mercado (Play, a tool for market trends” for Columbia Economic Newspaper ‘Portafolio’.  30th August 2012. Available online and hard-copy (newspaper). I was interviewed on why Games work in Research.

2nd Interview with Carrot Pharma: (By invitation) “Games and Gamification in Pharma and Healthcare” for Carrot Pharma published on  9th January, 2014. (By invitation) Editor Jo Dionysou. The full article can be read here:

1st Interview with Carrot Pharma: (By invitation) “Betty Adamou on Gamification” with Carrot Intelligence. 2nd October 2012. Published online only. I was invited for an interview to speak on the use of games in research and how Betty started Research Through Gaming.

Quoted in:Business Research Methods, 12th Edition” (By invitation) by Donald R. Cooper and Pamela S. Schindler. I was quoted in this publication on the positive uses of Games for Research.

Referenced in Ph.D proposal: “Applied Digital Ethics” by Wilhelm E.J. Klein. May 2013. My white paper “The Future of Research Through Gaming” 2011 was republished on This article was referenced here:  “5 innovations to watch out for in 2012”: January 1st 2012: “Having fun officially makes things better” by H.C Billings, February 2013. My ResearchGame “Mission: Marketing” was written about and reviewed by one of our respondents here with positive feedback and reference to my work at Research Through Gaming:

Marketing Week: (By invitation) “Game on to keep consumers engaged”: Marketing Week, 8th November 2012. I was interviewed about my thoughts on the methodology of using games for research of which I was quoted in this article.

RWConnect Interview: (By invitation) “Young Entrepreneurs: The next generation of market research companies” with RWConnect. (By invitation) 1st October 2012. Published online and hard-copy in RWConnect magazine. Editor Adam Warner. Interview conducted by Tim Macer of Meaning, UK. I was invited for interview to speak with other Entrepreneurs who had also started innovative and technology based companies in research.

CASRO Journal, USA: (By invitation) An extract from my upcoming book “Playspondents: Making Games for Research” “Debunking the most common misconceptions of Games and Gamification in Research” for CASRO Journal 2014, global. Managing Editor Art Flanagan. The extract can be read online here: 61)


  • “Researcher of the Future 2014”: I was nominated by Annie Pettit, Social Media Research thought-leader for the title ‘Researcher of the Future’ with CASRO in October 2014. The CASRO Annual conference invited me to sit on a panel discussion, giving an overview of my thoughts on the future of market research.

  • “GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative Firms of the Future 2014”: Research Through Gaming were voted by participating market research agencies and individuals in the ‘GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative firms of the Future’ in 2014. Check out the other winners as well here on the GRIT Report Winter 2014.

  • “GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative Firms of the Future 2012”: Research Through Gaming were voted by participating market research agencies and individuals in the ‘GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative firms of the Future’ in 2012, when the company was just 7 months old.

  • “Ginny Valentine Award For Bravery in Research 2012”: I had been nominated for and awarded the Ginny Valentine Award for Bravery in Research and Entrepreneurial Spirit in 2012 by Ray Poynter (The Future Place, NewMR, Vision Critical) with full support and kind feedback from the panel of judges.