Who is Betty Adamou?

I’m a ResearchGame designer, the inventor of ResearchGames™, and a specialist in Game-based research and Participant Engagement in Research.

Because of my commercial work and academic development in this area, I also write articles and am interviewed to speak about Game and Gamification-based Research and the future of Market Research. When I’m not doing all these things, I’m working on my PhD, editing my book and providing Consultancy services to organizations on Gamification in many industries, including research. I live in North London with my fiancĂ© and our little border terrier, Xyla.

I started my company at 24, so some of my time is spent speaking to students (particularly in my old high school) and young professionals on entrepreneurship, how to grow business and personal profiles as well as innovation. My baby is Research Through Gaming Ltd, where I commercially create Games for Research, (or ResearchGames as I call them) for brands and other organizations.