ResearchGame Designer, Game-based Research Specialist, Lecturer

I am the CEO and Founder of Research Through Gaming (RTG) and the inventor of ResearchGames (TM)

I have spent 3+ years committed to developing the methodology of conducting ‘research through gaming’, hence the name of my company. I have worked with brands like The Campbell’s Soup Company and academic projects like IMPRINTS Futures.

In developing ‘research through gaming’ as a methodology, I have also developed software systems, best practices and functionalities to be used with ResearchGames™.

I guest lecture, and have guest lectured at Universities on game-based research methods including Brunel, University of Loughborough, University of Winchester, Faculty of Economics and Business Croatia, Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración, Venezuela, and Academia De Studii Economice Din Bucuresti, Romania, and more.

In the last 3 years, I have spoken at over 50 conferences and events (including keynote speeches) and have been conducting Game-based Research workshops with the Market Research Society and ESOMAR and to private organizations such as Price Waterhouse Coopers, Kantar Health and MMR Research. My work has also allowed me to provide other types of consultancy to Market Research agencies and end-clients worldwide on how to use games for research, currently also working as an advisor to a Silicon Valley based start-up.

I had the idea of using Games for Research when I was 23 and subsequently wrote my first theory-based paper ‘The Future of Research Through Gaming’ in 2011. After delivering this paper at the C.A.S.R.O Conference in Las Vegas 2011 and its’ compressed version published on another two websites, this has given my work industry-wide recognition. My second co-written paper has been published with SAGE book of methods (2014) and my third paper has been published with the Association of Survey Computing (2014). These papers are the first academically published papers on ‘ResearchGames’ as a methodology.

I’m currently editing my first book on using Games for Research as a methodology, titled is ‘Playspondents: Making Games for Research due for publication in 2014. I have also begun (in Feb 2014) a Ph.D in game-based research methods with the University of Winchester.

I provide consultancy on Games for research primarily and also games for marketing, healthcare and education. Working with companies like Price WaterHouse Coopers and Kantar, my specialist area is Game based research by increasing participant engagement. I started my company Research Through Gaming at 24 years of age, so a by-product of this is often talking about entrepreneurship and innovation with young people and students alike. With my company and my team, we’ve developed software platforms for the purpose of making and running what I call ResearchGames™; a methodology I continue to research and pioneer. To explore the impact of ResearchGames on participant engagement even further, I have started a PhD with the University of Winchester. Read about it here.